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Before mid-so you can late twentieth century, girls learned about marriage and you can sexuality from their grandmas

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Before mid-so you can late twentieth century, girls learned about marriage and you can sexuality from their grandmas


Kin Organizations and you may Descent. The latest exogamous patrilineal clan ( oluyia ) is the practical tool out of Abaluyia societal team. Clans ous subclans. There are no less than 750 Abaluyia clans by mid-twentieth-century. For every clan provides a pet, plant, otherwise bird totem, and additionally an ancestor to possess just who the fresh clan is oftentimes named.

Kinship Terms. The brand new Abaluyia play with an Iroquoian program you to definitely integrate classificatory kinship words. Grandparents and grandkids are called from the same kin terminology- guga getting grandfathers, grandsons, and you will great-grandsons, guku getting grannies, granddaughters, and high-granddaughters. Differences are produced towards the dad’s sister ( senje ) and you may mother’s sister ( khotsa ), however, clan family of the same age bracket (elizabeth.grams., female and feminine inside the-laws) are called of the exact same term (in such a case, mama ). Cousins is addressed because of the sis terms, but, in some places, mix cousins was popular in the site.


Relationships. Traditional Abaluyia ong the brand new subnations, and bride-to-be-wide range, comprising dogs and cash, can often be replaced. A number of change occurred within the wedding techniques, and male parents conducted brand new transactions. Wives were used in its a good character additionally the capability to strive. Men was in fact including chose for these features, in addition to soberness and you can ability to shell out bride-wide range. Shortly after relationships, co-wives usually got separate homes however, would commonly make to one another. The new wives just weren’t allowed to get ready in their home up to her cooking rocks had been put up during the a brief ceremony. This was will following the delivery of just one otherwise several people. Childlessness was constantly blamed towards the lady. In a number of subnations, a female whoever spouse died lived-in a state away from routine impurity up until she is passed down by lifeless partner’s sibling. Breakup may features involved go back from bride-to-be-money cattle. In the case of divorce otherwise serious witchcraft accusations, brand new lady you will definitely come back to her natal domestic versus her children, just who remained using their fathers.

Abaluyia ladies in modern Kenya choose certainly various marriage choices, like the old-fashioned bride-to-be-riches system, Religious wedding that have otherwise rather than bride-to-be-wealth, elopement, and you can unmarried parenthood. Female with additional education may order increased fiance-wide range. Bride-wide range from inside the Bungoma stays stable, however in Maragoli and many other regions, bride-riches is generally decreasing otherwise vanishing. Residential Tool. A wedded guy brains no less than one house. A routine house consists of a partner, a wife, as well as their pupils. Other friends may signup these house, including the wife’s sisters, the brand new partner’s most other children, and you can promote children. Given that mature family unit members away from surrounding generations don’t sleep-in the fresh new exact same family, grandmothers and older college students have a tendency to take adjacent domiciles; but not, the usually consume regarding the same pot. These types of regulations have not changed far, while most rural homes are now actually headed because of the feminine due to long-title male salary-labor migration. Inheritance. Residential property try inherited patrilineally (come across “Residential property Tenure”).

Socializing. Abaluyia teams is actually characterized by a high amount of aunt engagement in the caretaking, under the standard supervision of parents and grandmothers about homestead. Though parents play a first part into the child rearing, small kids and you will infants is remaining with old sisters when you find yourself their mothers create almost every other performs. Though dads play a low character, they could be those who just take students for health care. Grand-parents and you may grandchildren provides romantic dating. Regarding Abaluyia subnations that circumcise, boys is actually admonished from the male elders and you will taught to survive new serious pain out-of circumcision instead flinching, an indication they have the strength of reputation to go through other challenges they might deal with. Contemporary Abaluyia grandparents play an even greater part during the child rearing because they are thrust more about on foster-parent jobs.

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