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The fresh Mahran considering zero resistance, instead detailing he is actually Akar-Deshu, an effective Jedi Knight and you will buddy regarding Quinlan Vos

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The fresh Mahran considering zero resistance, instead detailing he is actually Akar-Deshu, an effective Jedi Knight and you will buddy regarding Quinlan Vos

Intend to cut Vos [ ]

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On one night, she suspected one to Vos’ assassins was indeed adopting the their own household out-of good pub and thus ambushed their unique stalker, earliest attacking the person with telekinetic Push before holding the newest perform-be assailant-an excellent Mahran male-from the conocer-area. Against the have a tendency to of your Jedi Council, Desh sought out Ventress to inquire about to possess their own help in retrieving Vos once more. Regardless of if she is careful of the fresh Jedi Purchase and embittered against the brand new Council for their prior to operate to help you hack her using Vos, she provided to help the Mahran immediately following providing inventory of your ridiculous condition off their own lifestyle lately.

Ventress accompanied Desh towards the Jedi Forehead, where the guy displayed her so you can Obi-Wan Kenobi and you can Anakin Skywalker and you will informed me that he had hired the newest Nightsister to simply help get a hold of and you may recover Master Vos. Regardless of if Skywalker nonetheless stored deep resentment to possess Ventress, Kenobi try sympathetic in order to their particular experience of Vos and wanted to capture their through to the Council that have guarantee you to definitely zero reprisal manage be introduced to own their past criminal activities. The four of those found its way to brand new High Council Chamber throughout a meeting anywhere between Jedi Professionals Yoda, Mace Windu, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Shaak Ti, and you will Plo Koon. The five councilors was in fact surprised by Ventress’ appearance as well as however, Yoda rapidly flower and reached due to their lightsabers. Windu kept types of animus to your former Separatist and you will declared his intentions to arrest their own immediately, but are stopped off this by Kenobi and Yoda.

Brand new Jedi accessible to pay attention to their unique aside and you may first started curious their particular relationship with Vos and you can exactly what she had established your so you can into the planning into take to towards Dooku’s lifetime. Ventress accepted to having come Vos’ lover however, refused that she taught him the methods of your own black front side; instead, she got intended to instruct your simply inside mentioned usage of the ebony front so you can counter Dooku’s individual advantages, however, in the course of time forced him further than suggested in the hope out of finest securing him. Immediately after billing that the Jedi was in fact along with complicit from inside the Vos’ slip, she told me one she nonetheless maintained the man however, even their own love for him would never attract her so you can rejoin brand new ebony front side.

When you look at the a close-door meeting after Ventress’ interrogation, the brand new Council contended their particular part inside their current crisis. Even in the event numerous people in the brand new Council however did not faith the Dathomirian, their unique testimony convinced Yoda and you will Kenobi away from their own legitimate passion for Vos and wish to discover your protected. Inside the capability just like the Huge Grasp of one’s Purchase, Yoda authorized Kenobi to guide Ventress and you may Skywalker into the a purpose to fully capture and you may get Quinlan Vos. Exactly as it finished their appointment, the fresh new Council received an intellect communique of Admiral Wullf Yularen, have been record Dooku and Vos and found that “Admiral Enigma” try presumably with the a Providence-classification Dreadnought en route to violence Taris from the Exterior Rim Regions. With the apparent target place lay, Kenobi requested Ventress to participate your towards purpose. Even when she had been reluctant to works alongside the Jedi from inside the one formal capability, she consented once Yoda provided their particular a complete pardon having her conflict criminal activities in return for their own work to recoup Vos.

Save away from their particular companion [ ]

Ventress, Kenobi, and Skywalker remaining Coruscant aboard new Banshee and you can intercepted the brand new Confederacy’s fleet. To your ship’s strong cloaking equipment triggered, the three been able to navigate from the Separatist armada and you may play with Ventress’ experience in Separatist defense requirements in order to land in the latest hangar away from Dooku’s Providence-category Dreadnought. Ventress, having familiarized herself on vessel while in the their own big date underneath the amount, led the brand new Jedi through the motorboat into the bridge, in which it likely to find Vos. The three reached the latest bridge without having to be seen but was indeed amazed locate Dooku and never “Admiral Enigma” in control of brand new dreadnought. Kenobi and you may Skywalker immediately attacked the newest Sith Lord and his awesome race droid guards, however, Ventress remained dedicated to trying to find Vos. Shortly after failing woefully to to obtain your elsewhere towards the link, she protected Kenobi out of race droid criminals given that Jedi Grasp checked the fresh new warship’s analysis logs to obtain their missing buddy. He discovered that Vos was still are kept prisoner from the brig, leading him and you can Ventress to trust which he got never really entered Dooku.

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